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Armley Sculpture Trail supported by Leeds inspired, Yorkshire Sculpture International, East Street Arts, Leeds     Industrial Museum, Scurrah Wainwright Charity, Inner West Leeds Community committee and Armley Helping Hands.


Coffee and a Teacake, In Collaboration with Armley Helping Hands 

Armley Helping Hands support older people living in Armley and Wortley district of Leeds. The charity provide facilities for the advancement of education recreation and leisure time activities with a view to improving quality of life.

Coffee and a tea cake is a sculpture made in collaboration with only helping hands artist Amelia Francis Wood engaged with the army helping hands reminiscent group through the cathartic nature of clay speaking about memories and eating teacakes the sculptures soon became about bringing people together to communicate and find connection. Ceramic tile a different member of the group his cast painted in scope to the memory. The sculpture represents a table hoping to encourage people to gather around and engage in conversation

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